Фотография многодетной матери разбила все стереотипы о женской красоте

если твой мужчина не понимает этого, возможно, стоит поискать другого.

Конечно, подобный стресс не может не сказаться на женском организме. А теперь представь, если это повторяется несколько раз… Американка Рэйчел Холлис решила бороться со стереотипом, что красивыми могут быть лишь те женщины, которые ходят по подиуме и снимаются в кино. Вот что из этого вышло!

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Love, love, love exploring my new town… honestly, every single place is basically the cutest place I've ever seen! Hey Austin friends (and surrounding friends!) where should we ABSOLUTELY visit, eat at, drink at, shop at now that we're living in your state?? #DrippingSpringsTx #AustinTX #ChicTribeSummer

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В 2015 году тогда еще мать троих детей попросила своего супруга сфотографировать ее на пляже в бикини. Тогда женщина даже не подозревала, насколько резонансным станет снимок.

Под фотографией Рэйчел написала, что знает, насколько много растяжек на ее теле но вовсе не стесняется фотографироваться в бикини. А всё из-за того, что растяжки — это повод для гордости, ведь они показывают, что ей пришлось пережить.

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I love the term “self made” because only I know how much work it took to get from there to here. I was the one got up before the sun. I was the one who logged all the miles on business trips. I was the one who cried over the P&L and stressed about making payroll. Me, me, me. For years I held on to that idea because it fired me up and helped me keep going when it felt so lonely on this entrepreneurial journey. I am self made… and also, not. It’s only recently that I understood that no one is every truly self made because it’s impossible to build big things entirely by yourself. An entire team of people helped me build this company over the last decade. A massive tribe (who started out as a handful of followers) told their friends about my work and are still the greatest hype squad I know. It took family and babysitters and nanny’s to help keep our family afloat during the times I had to put in extra hours. It took the world’s biggest cheerleader as a husband, celebrating my wins and covering my losses both financially and emotionally in those early years. It took a village and it STILL takes a village. I love this shirt, I love this idea and the reminder that if you want something YOU are gonna have to do the work. But, i’m not only self made. I’m self made with the support of many. #RachOnTheGo AUS ?YYZ

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Продолжая, женщина утверждает, что единственный мужчина, на чье мнение ей не наплевать, знает, через что она прошла и считает ее самой сексуальной в мире. В конце Рэйчел призывает женщин гордиться своими растяжками и не стесняться выставлять их напоказ.

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You guys, we're halfway sold out for our @letsrise.co Couples Conference!! If you haven't already heard, Dave and I are throwing a couple’s weekend in our new hometown of Austin Texas and you should totally join us! Here's another answer to one of our frequently asked questions.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ?What are we going to talk about?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Just like with every Rise conference we’ll start with where we’re at as individuals because you can’t be strong as a couple if you aren’t whole as individuals. How does our past affect our present? How does our perspective affect our day? How can our gratitude change every single part of our life for the better? Then we’ll dig into the elements that serve as a foundation for a great relationship: Intentionality, communication, sex, friendship, teamwork, core values and personal growth.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Curious to hear more or watch a video to better explain what's happening? Go to www.letsrise.co/together Have more questions? Send an email to [email protected] #RiseWknd

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Фотография произвела фурор! Ее увидели более 10 миллионов человек, среди которых 380 тысяч поставили отметку «нравится». Конечно, не обошлось без критики но большинство женщин поддержало Рэйчел. Некоторые из солидарности начали постить свои фотографии в комментариях.

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Remember that time I inadvertently dressed like a Canadian Mountie? I didn’t mean to but since today was our last day in Toronto this picture commemorating my unintentional homage feels fitting. Canada, I’m blown away!! I’ve never done press or signings in another country before and I couldn’t have wished for a warmer welcome! Every single person was kind and friendly, the food was delicious and the alcohol— as the good Lord intended— was icy cold. Thanks for the support, thank you for not being offended by my terrible attempts at Canadian accents and thank you most of all for showing up BIG for this awkward American. ? I am overwhelmed by your friendship! #ChicTribe #GirlWashYourFace

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On today's episode of the RISE Podcast I'm sharing the thing I do at the end of every business year to plan for success in the New Year: a calendar audit! This practice will take you about three hours and will fundamentally change how effective you are and how much you enjoy 2019. Tap the link in my bio to listen in + tag your fellow entrepreneurs so they can try it too! ? #RisePodcast #TryPod #Mompreneur

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Тот случай очень сильно поразил Рэйчел и кардинально изменил ее жизнь. Вначале она просто поблагодарила людей за поддержку, но в результате поняла, что может вдохновлять других собственным примером.

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A to-do list might have a line item on what to accomplish, but it can be dangerously nebulous. If you’re already struggling to be productive, your brain will seize on any excuse to mark something as complete. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Say you’ve decided to set and achieve a new target for your direct sales organization. Your to-do list could have “hit new sales target” on it, but that’s open-ended. I mean, how in the world is that any direction or focus for your brain? If I talk to 3 new prospective clients, does that count? If I spend an hour researching how to grow in sales, is that good enough? Maybe, if you’re just trying to stay up-to-date in your industry, but if you want to get something new, you’ve got to try new approaches. Your results list should be specific: “reach out to 100 new prospective clients every day” or “close 4 new contracts every week” or “increase the average sale per existing customer by 3 percent to raise overall revenue numbers.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Notice with that last one it’s very focused. I like results that are specific and help to expand on ways to achieve the same outcome. If the last time I tried to increase my revenue I focused only on locking in new customers and it was difficult, I can step back and ask myself if there’s a smarter way to achieve the same outcome. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For instance, I could look at doing more with the clients I have. Could I send out more emails? Can I create a process to make it easier to sell? Can I be more intentional about upselling to increase overall revenue without having to add a new client base? In this instance, my goal is increased revenue, but I’ve gotten so bogged down in my to-do list that I haven’t stopped to consider if there might be a better way. If I don’t write down the RESULT that I’m looking for first, my brain can’t help me ask the right questions to get me closer to my actual goal. — An excerpt from the productivity chapter of Girl, Stop Apologizing out on March 12th. ??Tag your fellow business owners below! #GirlStopApologizing

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Throwing it back to our very first @letsrise.co event! 3 years ago I asked my best friends @britbarron + @samilaneco to help me create a place where every kind of woman could come together in community… a year later we had a hotel ballroom and some mics… which is all you really need if your speakers are strong enough ? I asked my friends @jenhatmaker and @thealisonshow if they would speak for free because I absolutely couldn’t afford them. I asked my brother @ahsohnthedj if he’d play music all weekend for like, $11 + room and board. They agreed, thereby WAY legitimizing my rinkydink attempt at a conference. We had 234 women attend and it was magic— one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences of my life. We felt like freaking super heroes you guys! We could NOT believe we pulled it off! After the dust settled I realized the damage— I’d gone $42,000 into debt on the event. I hadn’t charged enough to cover the costs and I had no idea how we’d afford another conference but I knew it could be something epic if only we could figure it out. We kept at it. The next event we had 800 women at #RiseWknd and then 100k+ watched the documentary about it at #madeformoremovie this year. Today I walked through the space for Rise 2019 and I couldn’t help but cry. 3,400 seats and I know we’ll sell it out. It’s amazing how far we’ve come but you know what I thought today wandering through the convention center? I thought to myself, “I wonder if they’d believe how hard this was… I wonder if they’ll understand how much time and prayer and work and planning is required to get from there to here. I wonder if they’d believe how hard I’ve cried over this dream… how much sleep I’ve lost… how much help I had to ask for.” It’s important that you hear me say it even if you can’t totally understand it. You need to know that dreams coming true aren’t magic… they’re YEARS of work. You need to know that I’m not special, I just kept fighting for my dreams. You want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done! ?? Tickets go on sale on Monday, can’t wait to welcome this year’s class of dreamers and world changers! It’s going to be EPIC!

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С тех прошло немногим больше трех лет. Рэйчел стала мотивационным оратором. Кроме этого, она выпустила книгу, помогающую женщинам справиться со своими проблемами. В 2018 году издание стало наиболее продаваемым среди мотивирующих книг.

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“I speak on Brendon Burchard’s stage.” I wrote it in my little notebook for the first time at the beginning of 2016. I wanted to start claiming my dreams as if they’d already happened and so I added that one in the line up with things like “I am an exceptional mom” and “I only fly first class” I wrote those lines every single day. This practice would eventually become @starttodayjournal but at the time it was just me and my spiral bound notebook. . I speak on Brendon Burchard’s stage. I speak on Brendon Burchard’s stage. I speak on Brendon Burchard’s stage. . I wrote it hundreds and hundreds of times. I didn’t know Brendon. I had no idea how I’d get to know him. I only knew how much his work had helped me and I wanted to be a part of it. I only knew the level of excellence he brings to his stage and I knew if I was good enough to be invited to share his platform it would mean something about how much I had improved as a speaker. Yesterday, after writing down that dream on over 900 separate days… I spoke on @brendonburchard’s stage! The experience was incredible and I’m so humbled that one of my heroes would trust me with their audience. . Here’s to dreaming BIG and working HARD and being so good they can’t ignore you! Thank you #expertsacademy I am grateful to my toes for the opportunity!

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Thank YOU!!! Last week I found out that Girl, Wash Your Face passed ONE MILLION books sold… in 7 months you guys! ?It's been #1 on the New York Bestseller's list for weeks. It's coming out in other languages all over the world: Farsi, Albanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, Korean, Vietnamese, Serbian, Arabic, Indonesian and so many others are on the way! Why am I telling you all this?! Because I want to acknowledge what YOU have done here. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in this message and for believing in me! Thank you for asking your local library to bring it in! Thank you for writing a review! Thank you for hollering at the other girls on your MLM team to read it! Thank you for telling the other wives on base that it’s worth their time! Thank you, thank you, thank you. YOU did this! YOU continue to do this! It’s why I sign books at every store I walk through. It’s why I show up on live stream every morning even when I’m exhausted. It’s why I agree to signings and speakings even when my schedule is slammed. YOU continue to show up for me and I will keep showing up for you in every way I’m able! Thank you friends, I continue to be humbled by the greatest cheerleaders the world has ever known!! #GirlWashYourFace

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Также за это время Рэйчел родила четвертого ребенка. Так что смело можно утверждать, что на профессиональном поприще ее свершения не закончились.

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Happy Friday! May your weekend be as happy as the last day of vacation when Noah got to eat a brownie and a macaroon simultaneously. ?

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They’re in the hot tub because we perpetually live in a “how do we occupy Noah until bedtime” world. I’m sitting on the side of the pool in full sweatpants because I’m not a crazy person. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and God bless!

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Сегодня американка занимается воспитанием детей, а также ведет блог в Инстаграме, где недавно на нее подписался миллионный пользователей. Кроме этого, своими советами Рэйчел делится еще и на собственном канале в Youtube.

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The team at @theholliscompany surprised me today with a group hip hop class to celebrate my birthday AND golden balloons to celebrate making it to a million followers here on Instagram… then we ate bundt cake with cream cheese icing and WHAT ?? A ?? START?? TO ?? YEAR ?? 36!

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Someday, this queen will have her own unique style. Until then, we will TWIN ALL DAY EVERYDAY. ?‍♀️

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Интересно, что в 2018 году Холлис вновь не постеснялась выложить фотографию в купальнике, подпись под которой была практически такой же, как 3 года назад. Единственное, она дописала, что до сих пор верит в эти слова.

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I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini. I have a belly that’s permanently flabby from carrying three giant babies and I wear a bikini. My belly button is saggy… (which is something I didn’t even know was possible before!!) and I wear a bikini. I wear a bikini because I’m proud of this body and every mark on it. Those marks prove that I was blessed enough to carry my babies and that flabby tummy means I worked hard to lose what weight I could. I wear a bikini because the only man who’s opinion matters knows what I went through to look this way. That same man says he’s never seen anything sexier than my body, marks and all. They aren’t scars ladies, they’re stripes and you’ve earned them. Flaunt that body with pride! Wrote this back in 2015— still believe every word. #TheHollisHoliday

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Удивительно, как одна фотография смогла изменить жизнь Рэйчел и ее семьи. Ведь она не просто помогает другим, она и сама начала верить в себя, потому что крайне сложно давать советы людям, если не верить, что ты говоришь. Подобную веру в себя нашла и героиня другого нашего материала.

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